CadenceLIVE China 2024 - 论文摘要在线提交
会议时间:2024年08月27日 周二 中国,上海
论文摘要征集时间: 2024年03月04日-26日



CadenceLIVE China 2024 中国用户大会将于8月27日在上海举行。本次大会将聚焦用户演讲,促进行业内的交流,为当今的设计挑战提供各种不同的解决方案并影响未来的产品。


活动 日期
论文摘要征集(CFP)开始 3/4/2024
论文摘要征集(CFP)截止 3/26/2024
论文摘要录用通知 4/3/2024
最终论文稿/演讲稿提交截止 5/7/2024
CadenceLIVE China 8/27/2024


我们正寻求有兴趣分享创意的用户朋友们,欢迎提交有关于Cadence®技术与产品、解决方案、流程或方法学的摘要。您将有机会受邀来到CadenceLIVE China发表您的演讲。Cadence为您提供如下灵活的论文提交方式:

    • 仅提交论文演讲文稿(PPT):仅提交论文演讲稿PPT形式,将为您更节省论文的撰写时间和精力。


  • 同时提交论文文章(Word)+论文演讲文稿(PPT):在提交论文演讲稿PPT的基础上,您也可继续撰写完整的论文文章。同时提交论文文章将在评选环节中得到额外的加分,最终获奖论文将直接刊登在国家一级核心期刊。


  • 5G/RF
  • 超大规模计算/数据中心
  • 生命科学
  • 汽车
  • 云服务
  • 人工智能
  • 工业/机械
  • 数字孪生
  • 其他


  • 设计中的多物理场分析
  • 计算流体力学
  • 定制 IC 设计 / 混合信号 / RF / 光学
  • 数字设计与签核
  • 3D-IC设计
  • PCB / 先进封装
  • 数字验证
  • 形式验证
  • 处理器与设计IP
  • 低功耗/可持续发展

在线提交的论文摘要,应少于2500英文单词(1200中文字),清楚写明论文的重要意义、影响与结果。所有摘要都会被认真审阅。被采用演讲稿的作者需要签署一份论文的授权表格。录用通知将通过电子邮件发出。点击此处查看往年的 演讲题目。


CadenceLIVE China 2024 – Abstract Submission

Call for Presentations Open

Tell Your Story

Are you driving design change or feel you’ve overcome challenges that could impact the electronic revolution? CadenceLIVE offers you an opportunity to tell your story. Showcase your expertise and offer tips to address complexities and challenges facing engineers today.

CadenceLIVE China 2024 will be held on August 27, 2024 in Shanghai, China. It features peer presentations that offer solutions for today’s design challenges that will impact tomorrow’s products.

Important Dates

Activity Date
Call for Presentations opens 3/4/2024
Call for Presentations closes 3/26/2024
Acceptance notification 4/4/2024
Final presentation due 5/7/2024
CadenceLIVE China 8/27/2024

Two ways to submit your presentation

We are seeking presentations that illustrate your experiences with Cadence® products, solutions, flows, methodologies, and techniques in the following areas:

    • Presentation Only: Only submit a presentation via PowerPoint (PPT), which will save you time and energy.

Or you can

  • Both Paper and Presentation: Submit a presentation PPT, plus a complete paper. Papers submitted at the same time will receive extra points in the selection process. The final winning paper will be published directly in national core journals.


  • 5G/RF
  • Hyperscale/Datacenter
  • Life Sciences
  • Automotive
  • Cloud
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Industrial/Mechanical
  • Aerospace/Defense
  • Digital Twins
  • Other

Solutions for:

  • In-Design Multiphysics Analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Custom IC / Mixed Signal / RF / Photonics
  • Digital Design & Signoff
  • 3D-IC with Chiplets
  • PCB / Advanced Packaging
  • Digital Verification
  • Formal Verification
  • Processor and Design IP
  • Low Power / Sustainability

Submit an abstract for consideration and if it is accepted, you’ll gain free admittance to the in-person conference.

Abstract submissions should be no more than 2,500 characters, clearly stating the significant contribution, impact, and results of the submission. All abstracts will be reviewed. Authors of accepted presentations must sign a copyright release form for their presentation. Notice of acceptance will be sent via email. View examples of the 2023 presentations .

Should you have any questions about abstract submissions, please email